Creamy Milk Mask is an intensive care curative that recovers the natural look of your hair with 12 essential amino acids enriched contents derived from milk proteins. 12 essential amino acids help to rebuild the protein texture of your hair and repair damaged areas on the outer surface. How To Use Apply the mask from roots to the ends of your hair thoroughly and evenly. Let it sit in the hair for 3-5 min- utes. For very dry and worn hair, we recommend you to wait for 5-7 minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water.

Evoque Milk Therapy Deep Treatment Mask

SKU: 8680678837096
    • Creamy Milk Mask with 12 essential amino acids and milk protein provide intensive care by restoring your hair’s former vividness and giving it a smooth feeling.
    • 12 amino acids constitute your hair’s protein tissue and help to repair damaged surfaces.
    • The milk proteins regulate the moisture balance of your dry hair. This way, it allows your hair remain moisturized.
    • Apply the mask evenly by putting it on from hair roots towards to the end of the hair tips. Let it wait on the hair for 3-5 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with warm water.




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