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Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal that has been practiced by Middle Eastern women for centuries. Sugaring is a holistic, natural alternative to facial and body hair removal that is less painful, more effective and beneficial for the skin. Using 100% natural ingredients. Sugaring is performed using a thick paste consisting of sugar, lemon, herbs and water. The ball of paste is applied by hand and molded against the natural direction of hair growth. Then, with a quick flick of the wrist, the sugar is removed in the direction of growth, taking the entire hair and root with it. The same ball of sugar paste is used over and over again until the undesired hair has been removed.

BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT… Please inform your esthetician if you are using any medical products, such as Retina-A, Hydroquinone, Acutaine, or any other medical-grade products where waxing is not advised.

Please read the following warnings to ensure a successful and safe waxing experience: For best results, hair growth should be at least 1/4″ long (quarter inch).  For Bikini area: Minimum 2 weeks without shaving Waxing is our Specialty: All our estheticians are trained to be as fast, efficient and as gentle as possible.

Deep Breath, We are with the Experts!



Sugaring - Brow Maintenance
$20.00 Eyebrow arch and clean up.


Sugaring - Lips
$12.00 Hair removal above top lip


Sugaring - Ears
$15.00 removal of hair around inner and outer earlobes.


Sugaring - nostrils

$15.00 Hair removal around rim of nostrils.


Sugaring - Cheeks
$15.00 Hair removal of cheeks.


Sugaring - Chin
$15.00 Hair removal of the chin.


Sugaring - Full Face
$45.00 Hair removal of facial hair not including eyebrows.


Sugaring - Full Face including brows
$60.00 Removal of hair on face including eyebrows.


Sugaring - Lip and Chin
$22.00 Sugaring for different parts of the face.


Sugaring - Underarms
$20.00 Hair removal of underarms.


Sugaring - Chest
$65.00 Hair removal of chest.


Sugaring - Stomach
$25.00 Hair removal of stomach.


Sugaring - Chest and Stomach
$100.00 Removal of hair of chest and stomach. price varies depending on hair density and time.


Sugaring - Back
$80.00 Hair removal of back.


Sugaring - Lower back
$35.00 Hair removal of lower back.


Sugaring - Full Arms
$70.00 Hair removal of full arm including fingers. Price may vary $55-70 depending on hair density and length.


Sugaring - Half Arms
$40.00 Hair removal of top or lower half arm.


Sugaring - Half Legs
$60.00 Hair removal from top leg to above knee or above knee to ankle


Sugaring - Full Legs
$105.00 Hair removal of full legs including feet. Please note** price may decrease/increase with hair density and time $85-$105


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