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In the Upside-Down World...

Police officers are vilified, while thugs and criminals are elevated to hero status.

Business owners are treated like criminals for staying opened and making an honest living while criminals are breaking into businesses and looting in broad daylight.

Most small business owners are considered non-essential while marijuana and liquor stores are essential businesses.

Avoid going to the stores because COVID-19 is EXTREMELY contagious... unless the stores are Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, or Home Depot.

Workers receive more money by staying at home and collecting unemployment than those working.

People who don't wear masks are shunned while masked criminals have a free pass to rob banks.

Doctors who tell the truth based on data lose their jobs and have their licenses suspended while doctors who lie (and/or admit to lying) are treated like experts.

We can't visit sick family members or attend funerals, while anyone can gather in crowds as long as they are protesting or looting.

Visiting grandparents is discouraged while NOT visiting your loved ones is considered an act of caring.

Staying indoors is considered safer and healthier than going to the beach, playing in the park, or hiking on a trail.

Homeless people get free hotel rooms courtesy of taxpayers while states complain that they don't have money.

If a worker pays taxes through W2 and 1099, they can not collect unemployment benefits while illegal immigrants without a SSN can get free money from the socialist governor of CA.

It is ok to use names such as West Nile Virus, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), Spanish Flu; but not ok to say Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus.

Anything that comes from social media, television, and the internet should be accepted as facts.

We are all children of God but Only Black Lives Matter.

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