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Bad Habits Making your hair look Greasy

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Read on to know about some common things that can make your hair look greasy. Give up these habits and once again enjoy flawless hairdos to your heart’s content.

Greasy and oil hair has been the downfall of many hairstyles. No matter which way you style your hair, if they are greasy your hairdo will end up looking like a mess. All the expensive hair products you use can end up doing pretty much nothing for your hair.

So if they aren’t to blame, what causes the oil spill look in your hair?

No it’s not the weather that messes up your hair. It’s actually a combo of things that can bring the worst out of your hair. Here’s a list of everything that are hurting your chances of sporting a flawless hairdo.

Too much of a good thing!

Shampoo and conditioner is a blessing. There was a time when people had to use soap, vinegar or black tea to wash their hair. By those standards, we’re quite lucky to have the convenience of shampoos and conditioners. But too much of a good thing can cause harm and that might be the case with your hair.

Using too much shampoo or conditioner can strip your scalp of its natural oils. To replenish the supply, your scalp produces more oil, hence the greasy look. So give it a rest and stop using too much of your hair products. Take just enough to wash away the oil and leave your hair looking fresh.

Even the dry kind…

The same works for people who believe too much on dry shampoo. It’s true that the product is revolutionary, that doesn’t mean you can abuse its power. You might love the ease it provides but give it a rest. Don’t go for the option every time you don’t feel like taking a bath. Do take baths in between so that your scalp can breathe. Using too much dry shampoo and using it too frequently can result in a built up on your scalp. Wash your hair at least once a week to get rid of the dry shampoo.

Tone down the thermostat

A hot bath after a tiring day can be effective in easing away all the stress. But when the temperatures run high your scalp can get exceptionally dry. And once again the scalp gets to work to produce extra oil. If you want to get rid of that greasy hair look, opt for a warm bath over a scalding hot one. Once you’re done with your bath or shower, run cold water through them as it closes the cuticles.

Blame the heavy styling products

The hair wax that is the reason behind your flawless hairdos might also be the cause of all that excess oil. Same is the case with hair creams and oils that are too heavy for your hair. If you have thick hair, these products might not cause much damage but for people who have thinner hair, the hair products can spell trouble. Go for lighter hair products that get the job done and don’t make your hair look greasy at all.

Brushing too frequently

This finally gives a rest to the myth that you should brush your hair 100 strokes a day. If you’re up for the challenge go for it but all it’ll do is make your hair look greasier. This doesn’t mean you can altogether stop brushing your hair. Just don’t spend hours in front of a mirror brushing your hair. If they don’t fall off because of the excessive brushing, they’re bound to get greasy to the max.

Ditch these habits so that your hair can look beautiful again!

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