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Your Guide to Treating Extremely Dry Skin

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Read on to know about some steps that’ll help you deal with your extremely dry skin. Be it summer or winter, don’t let dry skin pause your life.

Skin problems can have a deep impact on your physical appearance and your mental well being too. When people experience skin problems, they can lose their confidence.

There are a few lucky people who can easily salvage their skin by using moisturizers. So whether the extremely dry skin is weather induced or a chronic condition, they don’t have much to worry about.

So what does one do when the epidemic of extremely dry skin strikes? It’s quite common in winters but sometimes you can experience extremely dry skin during summer too.

The reason behind this? Excessive washing!

So what do you do when extremely dry skin threatens to ruin your social life? The answer is simple. You intensify your skin care routine. We understand that the problem can affect you in more ways than one and that’s why we’ve put together this guide for all you people. Beat the dry skin epidemic and embrace your true beauty again!

Washing – Eliminating Dirt

It’s true that too much washing can make your skin dry and that’s why you need to be careful when taking a bath. Make sure you don’t spend too much time in the bath or shower. 5 - 10 minutes would be enough.

A hot water bath or shower after a long day of work feels like heaven but not when you are dealing with extremely dry skin. Limit your skin’s exposure to high temperatures. Use warm water for bath or shower. Don’t overdo the cleanse part. Apply enough cleanser to remove the dirt and grime. When drying your skin don’t rub the towel on your skin. Just blot gently. In fact, you can just not use the towel at all. Go for a cotton cloth as it’ll be easier on your skin.

Exfoliate – Deep Cleansing

By washing your face or taking a bath, you can only get rid of the dirt that’s on the surface. To make the dryness go away completely and to stimulate healthy skin cells, you need to exfoliate your skin. Once all the residue of the dead and dry skin is removed, the healthier cells will come to the surface. This way your skin will get the glow and fresh look it needs.

Exfoliate regularly to help get rid of the dry skin. Some people use oil to get the job done however, thick moisturizers are the best option available.

Moisturize – Trapping Moisture

The main function of facial creams and ointments is to trap the moisture in the skin. So the best way to do that is by applying moisture as soon as you dry off after a bath. The moisture, once trapped in your skin will keep your skin hydrated and fresh-looking.

Go for ingredients that are helpful for extremely dry skin. Shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil are great moisturizing ingredients for dry skin. Consult your dermatologist before buying any new product. You wouldn’t want to make the situation worse by using the wrong product.

Clothing – Let your Skin Breathe

Wearing tight clothes isn’t going to help the situation. Harsh fabrics can cause irritation and so to avoid this, it’s better to wear light and breezy clothes while the skin problem lasts. Cotton and silk will agree with your extremely dry skin. Make sure you don’t use the ordinary detergent for your clothes. Go for detergents that are marked hypoallergenic.

Keep your skin safe and make sure you don’t use too much of a heat source like a fireplace. Heat will dry up your skin further. Before the situation gets any worse, make sure you see a dermatologist and get help. Follow these tips and before long your extremely dry skin will return to normal.



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