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Hottest Celeb Hairstyles Trending This Year

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Read on to know about the hottest and trendiest hairstyles for 2018. Stay updated and keep slaying.

It’s high time you start considering your style for this year. 2018 is already a quarter over so time is of the essence here.

If you’ve grown bored of your same, old look nothing can freshen it up than a trendy haircut. Yay!!! It’s time to revitalize your style and we’ll help you be the perfect version of yourself. But wait?

Are you ready to make the commitment that goes with a haircut? If you’re not fully sold by this idea don’t worry. You can still carry a trendy style with just the right hairstyle. So enhance your aesthetic touch and take inspiration from these celeb hairstyles.

Fake Bangs

Bangs look simply delightful but there’s a time and place for bangs. Some people love the plush look of the bangs but don’t want to make the long-term commitment. There’s an easy way out. Finally! Keep up with the Kardashians and follow the lead of Kendall Jenner. Even Chrissy Teigen made the hairdo and she look fabulous, to say the least.

Just flip over the ends of your hair and tie the rest in a stop knot. Class and beauty in one hairstyle. Make sure you use a lot of bobby pins or it might all come crumbling down.

Go Rapunzel

It’s 2018 and you can enjoy a diverse range of celeb hairstyles this season. From the shortest bob cuts to the long locks of Rapunzel. Once again the Kardashians win at hair game. Kim K, following in the tradition of Cher, is supporting some long locks this season. There’s no emergency hair growing method so you’d probably just have to do with extensions.

If you are adamant about growing your hair, make sure you go for regular trimmings. Leaving the hair be will just make them unhealthy and all over the place.

Colors of Spring

Changing your hair color can make a dramatic change in your appearance and if you go about it carefully, you can do wrong with this celeb hairstyle. From Rihanna to Emma Stone, we’ve seen our fair share of celebs who change their hair color. The same strategy can work for you too.

Shay Mitchell has always loved to experiment with her hair and this time, she has gone pink. We love the color and as always, Mitchell hasn’t disappointed her fans. This year has brought color changes for many stars and Daisy Ridley is one of them. She has finally given up her brunette look and exchanged it for some sunny- blond strands. Give it a try and maybe you’ll fall in love with it too!

Box Braids

Braids are back with are back with a vengeance. Stars like Ciara and Amara La Negra shared their pics and they’re just as dashing as you can imagine. The hairstyle is bound to raise some eyebrows and make you stand out in a crowd. If being the center of attention is your aim this year, box braids are your safest bet!

Chop it Off

Even Rapunzel did it and you can’t deny that it looked trendy as ever. 2018 saw a lot of celebs opting for short, chopped hair. Zooey Deschanel always looked so cute in her long locks but after years she too took the step. But it all fell in place because she looks picture perfect in her shoulder length hair now.

So there you have it. Enjoy the blog and do take some inspiration from the hottest celeb hairstyles. Rock 2018!

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