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Perfect Festival Braids for This Season

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Read on to know about some great festival braid options to step up your style game.

Having the right hairstyle can set the tone for the occasion. Whether it’s a traditional wedding that you’re invited to or you want to look your best for a girls’ night out, the right hairstyle can make you stand out.

You might be ready to go to Tomorrowland this season or you might have Coachella on your lit. If you are in the party mood then your hair needs to be in it too!

The ideal hairstyle for festivals is of course a braid. No hard work and no pain. Easy to make but the best thing about braids is that they keep hair off your face. The last thing you need while you enjoy the day is constant distraction of loose hair.

Braids are a great way of spicing up your look and they look super trendy. With summer just around the corner, you’d love the dainty hairstyles and the convenience they can provide. With your hair all in one place, the heat wouldn’t bother you and you wouldn’t have to deal with loose hair all the time.

So before you head over for your day of fun in the sun, take note of some braid styles that’ll make your experience hassle-free. But more than that, they make for the perfect trendy look.

So here goes!

Fishtail Pigtail Braid


Don’t want the traditional braids? There’s a way out. You can go for an edgy look with cornrows. The look is sure to give your style game a boost. Baby cornrow adds the glamour factor to your hair and is a great option for festival braids. You can easily spice up your look with the hairdo and it’ll go perfect with your festival look.

Crown Braid

How can festival season be ever complete without crown braid? If festival season had a mascot, crown braid would have definitely won that spot. The look gives off an elegant aura and by adding a floral hair piece to it, you can get the perfect look for any festival.

Drop Braid

Need to keep your bangs out of your eyes for the day? A drop braid is your safest bet. The fanciful style sets the right tone and is a favorite for practical reasons too. It’ll help to keep your bangs at bay so you can enjoy the festival to your heart’s content.

Milkmaid Braid

Transport yourself to the old era with this milkmaid’s braid. The simplicity of this braid is only exceeded but its practical design. With all the hair secure at the back of head, you wouldn’t have to worry about managing your hair. The worry out of the way, you’d be able to enjoy the festivities of the day.

Go Simple

Not in the mood for some eloquent hair styles? A simple braid would do! You can just tidy up your hair, make a braid and you’ll be all set to rock the festival. Go for a simple three-strand weave and let the simple look define your style. Make sure you use some setting spray on your hair. This will not only set the hair but also give you a beachy vibe.

Try out one of these braids and you’ll love the way they make you stand out. You can get the best of the day and also look perfect!

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